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Elevating the art of a B2B business

For the past 100 years, CoorsTek has been quietly perfecting the art and science of advanced ceramics—the material of choice for engineering’s toughest challenges. Today, the company stands at the forefront of the technical ceramics revolution, pushing the frontier of material science in global industries from electronics and renewable energy to medicine and defense.

At the time of our engagement, CoorsTek had grown rapidly beyond its core competencies, leaving many current and prospective clients unaware or unsure of the full scale of the company’s capabilities. CoorsTek partnered with RedPeak to create a brand that would transform perceptions of the world’s largest supplier of advanced ceramics applications.

We built a brand strategy and visual identity for CoorsTek that highlights both the precision and sculptural beauty of everything they produce. The design was inspired by CoorsTek’s unexpected, distinct optical and tactile experiences, and exuded a modern, premium feel that lifts the company above its niche status.

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