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Celebrating the radical notion that art is for everyone

For the last twenty years, Free Arts NYC has worked to fill a critical gap in the City’s education system by providing art courses to children affected by devastating public school budget cuts. This dynamic nonprofit with a truly beautiful mission needed a brand identity that could garner attention within the NYC art community, and would support the organization in generating a continual flow of revenue.

The “A to Z Project” was created by RedPeak, featuring 45 premier artists, illustrators, typographers and designers to rally the creative community around the belief that art education is transformational and should be available to everyone. Icons from the art, design, and fashion worlds— James Victore, Diane Von Furstenberg, Bob Gill, Warby Parker to name a few—each contributed a unique design of a letter, figure or number to create a bespoke alphabet with a special story behind each character. This alphabet was used to create a magnificent foundation of the Free Arts brand identity and logo, giving life to a truly authentic, creative, momentum-generating brand.

Free Arts planned a brand launch of epic proportions, sponsored by Harpar’s Bazaar, raising $20,000 through the auction of original “A to Z Project” artworks and the sale of limited edition prints. This brand identity has continued to support the organization in raising funds, friends, and future artists.

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