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Where connecting to music helps us confront mental illness

We were tasked with raising awareness of Sounds of Saving (SOS): a new nonprofit organization that uses the universal, human connection to music to fight mental illness. But that topic can be difficult to talk about: mental health issues are still highly stigmatized, and each person has a connection to music as unique as their fingerprint. We were faced with the challenge of building a brand that could express our connection to music as both unique and universal.

The brand experience draws from musical design cues to reflect our highly individual tastes. It is ever-evolving, expressing that we’re all joined by our unique connection to music, and that every mental state is normal. For the brand launch on World Suicide Awareness Day we dropped thousands of free vinyl records, marked with the brand logo and message, around public parks in New York City so that anyone could access and celebrate the healing power of music. Sounds of Saving exists to fuel hope. It is our hope that the brand resonates with a diverse range of people and encourages more open conversation about mental illness.

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